P90X Before and after results from a woman

P90X Before and after results from a woman
Great P90X transformation!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I LOVE backpacking!!!


How was your weekend? My husband, dog and I spent it exploring West Clear Creek here in AZ. WOW, what a breathtaking place, full of beauty! Most of the hike is spent in the high desert and occasionally you make your way down to the creek to cross it. What fun and refreshing it was to change into our water shoes and cross it with 40 lbs on my back and 60 lbs on my husband's back! Next time we'll make the dog carry a backpack too ;) We love backpacking. Nothing better than getting a great workout in the beauty of nature. It connects us to be away from all distractions and technology. You are alone in your thoughts, nothing better. The key to reaching your goals is to be happily uncomfortable. If you aren't uncomfortable with your workouts, you will plateau and get in a rut. Message me at letsgetasixpack@gmail.com if you'd like to be uncomfortable and see BIG changes!!!

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