P90X Before and after results from a woman

P90X Before and after results from a woman
Great P90X transformation!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

P90X Review from a Woman's perspective

P90X is the number 1 infomercial in the country, and for good reason-it works!  If you bring it 100% in the gym and the kitchen, you will have amazing results!  I have become addicted to P90X because it teaches you the fundamentals of a healthy workout regimen, which is cardio and weight training.  Cardio alone can lead to injuries, as I took up running for several months, and ended up with a stress fracture in the 3rd metatarsal of my left foot.  Weight training alone can also lead to injury, especially muscle tears and ligament issues.  It's great that P90X incorporates both!  I learned everything I know about working out from P90X.

Bring it by order of Tony Horton!

P90X consists of 12 different DVD's, working out 6 days a week and one rest or stretch day.  There are 3 phases, which are broken down into 4 week segments, with the 4th week of the month always being the recovery week.  Don't think the recovery week is easy though, or you will be sadly mistaken!  Every month, you switch to different weight training workouts, thus the science behind muscle confusion.  I was sore the entire 90 days!
P90X also comes with a nutrition guide, which teaches the fundamentals of clean eating; the other half of the equation.  I would recommend following this plan no matter the extra cost.  You will also be surprised that you don't spend much more at the grocery store because you will no longer be eating out and will be buying fresh food instead of processed food.  If you aren't eating clean, your workouts will be in vain.  My husband and I followed the nutrition guide, and now I know that what I cook is good for my body.  It is amazing how great you feel after a few weeks on this diet.  Fast food literally makes me sick to my stomach now!
Tony Horton is the best trainer anyone could ask for.  He's a great combination of borderline corny and stern.  He jokes around a lot and encourages you to give your best to ensure the best results!  There's a part in plyo that always resonates with me.  One of the men in the video has a prosthetic leg and he is doing plyo, the hardest workout in P90X!  Tony says "I don't want to hear any complaining from ANY of you!"  That got me through plyo every week!
I have now been working out regularly for 15 months and have seen amazing results!  It takes a lot of dedication, motivation and perseverance, but you CAN do it!  If you commit to complete the 90 days, Tony and his team will help you do that.  It's hard, but since when do we get what we want?  We get what we work for!  Life is about hard work, and not instant gratification, which we all have become accustomed to in this world.  I will also help you reach your goals, please email me at letsgetasixpack@gmail.com for help and advice.  We can make this world a better, healthier and happier place, one person at a time!  Let me know what your goals are, and together we will do this.  I want everyone else to be as happy and content as I am now, and it all started with P90X.  BRING IT!!

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  1. which one did you do? classic double or lean?