P90X Before and after results from a woman

P90X Before and after results from a woman
Great P90X transformation!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The new me...

The new me tries new things!  I love to take on a challenge!  The old me sat around all day, never went anywhere, never tried anything new, and didn't love myself.  The NEW me is happy, independent, confident, outgoing, and enjoys new experiences! 
This last weekend was one of them.  I went on an overnight backpacking trip with my husband to a place here in AZ called Gordon Creek.  It is near Payson and is fairly undiscovered in the region.  It was a TOUGH 2 mile hike, and took us 3 hours to get to our camping spot. 
We encountered horses, cows and a black rattlesnake, YIKES!!!  Well, we kept going and were drenched from the hard work!  It poured on us as we were putting up the tent which was a welcome shower.  ; )  The creek we camped by ended up turning into a raging river from all the rain, and we were lucky to sleep next to that all night!  The following morning, we heard plenty of elk and cows, it was very entertaining!  The hike out was uphill the entire way and was TOUGH!  But, I'd rather be out living and enjoying life than sitting home watching TV. 
I am SO glad I found P90X and Shakeology, combined with a committed attitude, this has changed my life!  If you want to live life the way you deserve, message me @ letsgetasixpack@gmail.com.  I would love to coach you for FREE!  We'll do this together!

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